What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Edward Altherr and his talented team have been helping people smile in Apex, Cary, and Holly Springs since 2002. Altherr Orthodontics treats each person the way you would like to be treated, and we provide a wonderful orthodontic treatment experience for our families and patients of all ages.

What makes altherr Orthodontics special?

Dedicated, Board-Certified Orthodontist

Dr. Altherr is highly respected within the orthodontic and dental community, and is a 2002 graduate of UNC Chapel Hill’s orthodontic residency program: one of the top orthodontic training centers in the world. While at UNC, he trained under orthodontic legends such as Drs. Proffitt and Tulloch. Dr. Altherr continues to be involved at UNC, where he often lectures as a part-time professor to the residents for all three classes.

Dr. Altherr practiced as a general dentist for two years before pursuing the additional three years of training to become an orthodontist, ultimately earning a master’s degree and seeing his research published. This experience gives him the unique ability to see and treat each patient with a big picture and restorative perspective, and not just straighten or align teeth.

Personalized Care, Unique Treatment

Dr. Altherr is the only doctor in our practice. This is crucial in orthodontics, where continuity of care is essential for achieving optimal treatment results and to stay on time with the overall expected treatment duration. Dr. A prides himself on personalized and customized care, time, and attention for each patient.

Our practice is centered on providing a wonderful orthodontic treatment experience in which Dr. Altherr and his team make and take the time with each patient and/or parent … unlike multi-office, multi-doctor, or corporate dental offices. We pride ourselves on great communication, since this also a vital part of the treatment process.

Innovative Technology

We utilize the latest technological devices (lasers, impression-free digital scanners, Temporary anchorage devices-TADs, 3D printers) and equipment in orthodontics and dentistry, but never allow these devices to undermine or mask the skill, artistry, and experience Dr. Altherr uses to create beautiful smiles. Dr. A often says that it’s not the tools (bracket or clear aligner), but the carpenter (orthodontist) that enables our practice to achieve shorter and more predictable treatment times and the high quality treatment results. Dr. Altherr places the braces himself (this is not delegated), and we treat all of the teeth, including the 12-year molars.

Community Involvement

Altherr Orthodontics is a proud sponsor/supporter of several of our local school’s PTAs and booster clubs for example:

Apex High School | Friendship High School | Middle Creek High School | Baucom Elementary | Salem Elementary and Middle School | Laurel Park Elementary | Penny Road Elementary | Olive Chapel Elementary | Scotts Ridge Elementary | Turner Creek Elementary | White Oak Elementary

Convenient Location

Altherr Orthodontics is conveniently located at Highways 55 and 64 in Apex, which makes it easy to get to from Cary and Holly Springs. We are also conveniently close to shopping centers and schools, have emergency hours of service for our patients, and offer very flexible payment plans.

Free Wifi

We have free WiFi for our patients and parents while they wait, which is never long, since our on-time rate is very good. We value your time as much as we value ours

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