Braces or Invisalign as an Adult

Adults comprise about 20% of most orthodontic practices’ patients across the US. Obstacles and/or questions that sometimes have prevented adults in the past from even obtaining a consult with an orthodontist have been the length of the overall time in treatment because they are busy with jobs and kids, the cost or am I too old or will I be the only adult amongst kids?

Over the years, our adult patients have been pleasantly surprised that the length of recommended treatment by Dr. Altherr is not years upon years like what they may remember as a teen or from what they’ve heard. The reasons why treatment times are shorter are from technological improvements and the fact that some adults only concern is straightening their front teeth, which may only require 6 months or less of treatment. Our oldest adult patient was in their 70’s, so some would say it’s just a number. Finally, we have some mornings where we see only adults.

We appreciate our adult patients because they are usually more invested and involved in their treatment primarily because they are paying for it (and not mom and dad). Therefore, adults are more compliant than kids with their oral hygiene and other things like wearing rubber bands or retainers.

The most common observation that we hear from our adult patients is the temporary irritation to their cheeks and lips from the braces in the first 2 weeks of treatment. After that, the irritation is not an issue because the lips/cheeks toughen up, and there essentially is no irrigation with clear aligner therapy like Invisalign.
So, we hope this information has helped. If so, please call us today for your complimentary exam with Dr. Altherr.

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